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“Cleanliness is a state of Purity, Clarity and Precision.


Water is most necessary ingredient of life. Safe Water is most necessary for Life. We all are aware most diseases occur due to contaminated water. Now awareness towards clean and safe water is increasing day by day and people have started using water purifiers and ROs. However, we still ignore our overhead and underground water tanks which stores water by which we take bath and wash our clothes and most importantly use it for tooth brush etc. If, this water is contaminated then there are bright chances to fall sick.


To avoid us situation Bharat Helpline provides scientific water tank cleaning services in Jaipur. 

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Bharat Helpline water tank cleaning Services are hassle free and customer friendly. Our Trained Technicians are motived to meet customer expectations.


Bharat Helpline provides water tank cleaning services for all kinds and sized of overhead and underground tanks. We use sophisticated machines for best of quality and hygiene.


Bharat Helpline follows Scientific and Standardized Process to Clean Water Tanks as mentioned below: -

1. Cleaning of Tank Exterior ike Man Hole and Cover.

2. Removal of Extra Water Using High Power Submersible Pump.

3. Cleaning of Sludge from Tank Bottom.

4. Cleaning of Walls from High Pressure Water Jet.

5. Cleaning of Tank Floor by Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

6. Spray of Medicine

7. Disinfection of Tank Air by UV Radiator


Our Company is young but with its customer friendly polices is constantly expanding the business in Jaipur City and its sub urban area.


We Guarantee Constant Care, Schedules and most important efficient and pocket friendly solutions to make Win-Win Situation for both customer and us.


We also offer member plans for periodic services.


The bharathelpline Experience:

  • The anytime services: In our services, emergencies are common; technicians are on call 24x7x365. Standby carpenters also available.


  • Prompt and punctual delivery.


  • Cost effective services: No overcharging by staff because, we check the quotation because we have come here to serve Jaipur City for a long time.


  • We assure unmatchable services in:
    1. Efficiency/promptness of service,
    2. Speed/Technical expertise of our technicians,
    3. Cost-effective and economical solutions.


  • Quality Staff: All staff are civil, polite, good-natured and mature; their integrity is impeccable and the security of your cash/belongings guaranteed. However, keep your valuables secured while our staff is on your premises.


  • Our Guarantee:  All the jobs come with a reasonable guarantee.


  • Care for you and your property: It is recommended that someone should be present to supervise the work while it is in progress.


  • Discipline and conduct: All staff work in company uniform. All employees are background-verified and medically examined to ensure that they are free from communicable diseases.

Above all, Customer satisfaction is desired by bharathelpline.


S.no Particulars Rates with Material
1.00 Upto 500 Liters Tank 400.00
2.00 500- 1000 Liters Tank 600.00
3.00 1000- 2000 Liters Tank 1100.00
4.00 Above 2000 Liters Tank Please call for Quote
We Provide Quantity Discounts. Plese call us for offers. 


Call now: +91 76656 00700  For other Services Please Go Back or Click http://bharathelpline.com/   

  • Kindly explore our membership plans which allow you to truly enjoy our hassle-free services,
  • They reflect our commitment for scheduled, unprompted service calls by our technicians; you do not need to call.
  • Senior Citizen discounts are available,
  • We accept Cash, Cheque and Online Transfers.
  • Enabling payments through American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards are under process.