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Within the first year, we have a long list of satisfied customers in Jaipur and surrounding areas; and, with each passing day,

it keeps growing. The very nature of Electrical work makes it full of hazards to the Electrician and, sometimes, to those around.

Hence, we start with a warning:

  1. Electricity is never to be taken lightly; please maintain a safe distance when an Electrician is at work,
  2. Live parts are the major cause for Electrical shock; never touch any wire unless absolutely sure that it is safe; over 120 volts DC or 50 Volts AC can be fatal,
  3. Keep away from overhead or underground power cables,
  4. Faulty equipment are the biggest source of Electrical shock; they may cause fires too.

Rate List

Bharathelpline guarantee:

  1. Our Electricians are prompt, friendly, resourceful,
  2. They inspect the requirements first,
  3. Then they suggest the course of action,
  4. Then, the requisition for will be filled by you and the Electricians,
  5. Electrician will quote an estimate and the amount of advance,
  6. Advance amount will be received and acknowledged,
  7. Both will sign, and
  8. The work order will be prepared.


We provide permanent solutions for Electrical problems.

MEMBERSHIP PLANS for regular periodic servicing,

Manager responsible to arrange timely service.

We guarantee constant care, scheduled attendance, dependable work, and

Above all, efficient and pocket-friendly solutions make our services highly sought after.

Our Electricians are experts, friendly and reliable for:

  1. All minor, jobs that are simple to do,
  2. More complex assignments.

The company is young and growing; our policies are businesslike.

Jaipur city and its suburbs are our Karmabhoomi.

Bharathelpline can always be depended upon to deliver.


MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS is of three types:

  • Installations
  • Lighting, and
  • Safety

The above jobs involve

Complex wiring

Electrical panels,

And, all sorts of highly technical work with involvement of high voltages which may prove dangerous

Installation Services

Electrical installations may pose problems if done by laymen with limited knowledge; but, it is our family and staff whose lives may be at risk. Hence, do not take chances.


Our services include: All Electrical works.

Solar energy systems

EV chargers

Upgrades to Electrical panels

Installation and upgrades to Circuits

Installation of ceiling fans

Exhaust Fan Installations

Home generators

Smoke detectors

Power conditioners

Power Consumption Meters

Commercial generators

Commercial audits and Energy savings

Changing Air filters

Annual Electrical Inspections

Water Heaters of all types

Home maintenance schedules


The bharathelpline Experience:

  • The anytime services: For emergencies and routine; technicians are on call 24x7x365. Standby Electricians available.
  • Prompt and punctual delivery.
  • Cost effective services: No overcharging by staff because, we check the quotation because we have come here to serve Jaipur City for a long time.
  • We assure unmatchable services in:
    1. Efficiency/promptness of service,
    2. Speed/Technical expertise of our technicians,
    3. Cost-effective and economical solutions.
  • Quality Staff: All staff are civil, polite, good-natured and mature; their integrity is impeccable. However, keep your valuables secured while our staff is on your premises.
  • Our Guarantee:  All the jobs come with a reasonable guarantee.
  • Care for you and your property: It is recommended that someone should be present to supervise the work while it is in progress.
  • Discipline and conduct: All staff work in uniform. All employees are background-verified and medically examined. Above all, Customer satisfaction is desired by bharathelpline.



Rate List (In Rupees)
S.no Particulars Unit Qty Charges
1 Fixing Or Removing Ceiling Fan Nos. 1 120.00
2 Fixing Wall Mount Fan Nos. 1 120.00
3 Fixing Exhaust Fan Nos. 1 120.00
4 Fan Motor Re-Winding  Nos. 1 300.00
5 Water Pump Motor Re-Winding up to 1 HP No. 1 700.00
5 Tube Light Fixing with frame Nos. 1 120.00
6 Bulb Fitting with Holder Nos. 1 120.00
8 Wall Mounted- Removing and Packing (Packing material will be provided by Customer) Nos. 1 200.00
9 Wall Mounted- Installation Nos. 1 300.00
10 Wall Mounted- Removing & Installation (Sifting) Nos. 1 400.00
11 Home Theater Installation Nos. 1 350.00
12 Fixing New Geyser Nos. 1 250.00
13 Removal of Geyser Nos. 1 150.00
14 Geyser Service - Minor Nos. 1 200.00
15 Geyser Service- Complete Nos. 1 350.00
14 Window A/C Service Nos. 1 300.00
15 Window A/C Installation  Nos. 1 350.00
16 Window A/C Installation with wooden bidding Nos. 1 550.00
17 Window A/C Removal  Nos. 1 200.00
18 Split A/C Service Nos. 1 450.00
19 Split A/C Installation  Nos. 1 1,000.00
20 Split A/C Removal  Nos. 1 500.00
21 Gas Filling 1 Ton Nos. 1 1,600.00
22 Gas Filling 1.5 Ton Nos. 1 1,900.00
23 Gas Filling 2 Ton Nos. 1 2,100.00
24 Stabilizer Fitting Nos. 1 200.00
25 Desert Cooler Servicing Nos. 1 300.00
26 Indoor Room Cooler Servicing Nos. 1 300.00
27 Cooler Motor Re-Winding Nos. 1 350.00
28 Cooler Motor Replacement Charges Nos. 1 150.00
29 Cooler Mats Replacement (With Mats) Nos. 1 200.00
30 Single Phase Meter Box Fitting Nos. 1 300.00
31 Single Phase Meter Box Shifting  Nos. 1 400.00
32 Meter Box Servicing Nos. 1 350.00
33 Three Phase Meter Work  Nos. 1 After Inspection
34 Direct from MCB Nos. 1 350.00
35 Point to Point Connection Nos. 1 Rs 300+ Rs 50 for every  Point
36 Any other service  Nos. 1 After Inspection
FUSE, MCB, etc
37 Fuse Change Nos. 1 120.00
38 New MCB Fitting Nos. 1 600.00
Other Works
39 Door Bell Replacement/Installation Nos. 1 120.00
40 Switch/Socket Replacement/ Installation Nos. 1 120.00
41 Kitchen Chimney Cleaning Nos. 1 350.00
42 Wiring and Casing Nos. 1 After Inspection

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Minimum Visiting/Service Charge- Rs 236/- (Tax Paid)

  • Kindly explore our membership plans for regular, unprompted service; you do not need to call.
  • Senior Citizen discounts available,
  • We accept standard credit and debit cards,
  • American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards are acceptable.