Winters are arriving, a change in whether to whom we welcome happily as it will allow as to enjoy in the sun but yes it also bring some problems with it, that is, normal water which is also felt like icy-water. So to enjoy this season you just need to make your water cozy for which you need a Geyser.


Geyser is another name for water heaters. It is a hot spring in which water stops and boils. It’s a procedure in which electricity is used in heating up the water. Mainly for household purposes it is used for cookery, washing as well as for shower. Locally, water is heated in the container made up of metal. In geyser a limited quantity of water is heated and produced rather than a continuous flow at the same temperature.


There are two types of geysers available in the market which you can opt according to your wishes and likes. So here are the types as well as their specifications which will help you while choosing:


Tank water heaters


  1. Two varieties available - electric and gas.
  2. Tanks are covered with heatproof shields to keep water hot.
  3. Thermostat- maintains water temperature.
  4. Need lesser power.
  5. Attach to any circuit.
  6. Heat limited water in the tank.
  7. Larger in size that is why spacious.
  8. Less lifespan than tank-less heaters.


Tank-less water heaters


  1. Produce limitless hot water.
  2. Smaller in size.
  3. More lifespan than tank water heaters.
  4. Costly then tank water heaters.
  5. Need high power.