Earlier washing clothes involved lots of physical work, energy and time. But with the arrival of washing machines washing clothes has become quite simple and time consuming specially for the working ladies. It also offers effortless as well as comfort with satisfactory result and also defeating the load of washing which continue to gather daily. Works like rubbing and squeezing by hands has been deleted from the process of washing clothes by machine. It helps you in washing your clothes on single command. You just need to put your clothes in it and then selecting your functional means. In today’s times almost every house has washing machine for their help.


There are two varieties of washing machines available in the market, relies upon the situation of filling up the clothes in it. Let’s see some of their advantages as well as disadvantages:


  1. 1.Top loading


  1. Clothes are filled from tip.
  2. Cover on the tip for filling and infilling clothes inside the machine.
  3. Circular shaped from inside which operates as washer as well as drier.
  4. Doesn’t need to bow your body for filling clothes.
  5. Two different tubs for washing and drying.
  6. Most preferred than the other one.
  7. Available in two type’s semi automatic and fully automatic.


Many automatic and semi automatic kinds of items are available in the market. You can pick out the one according to your preference (what features you want) as well as your budget. Here come the features of both kinds:


  1. a) Semi automatic
  1. It has been an ideal selection of washing machine for most of the women.
  2. It has two different tubs for washing and drying with different switches of alarms for both. You just have to fill water and detergent and then load clothes select the alarm.
  3. After the time is over alarm will ring, then take out them from machine and it dry them slightly.
  4. Semi automatic machines are quiet cheap.


  1. b) Fully automatic
  1. The process of washing in it involves soaking, warm wash, bulky wash, fast wash.
  2. It is expensive.
  3. It has a single vessel which is used for washing, rinsing and drying.
  4. It takes water and detergent automatically according to the loads of clothes.
  5. Set alarm automatically and everything is done automatically.
  1. 2. Front loading
  1. Fully automatic machine.
  2. Clothes are filled from the forefront.
  3. Advanced spinner.
  4. In contrast with top loading, it uses smaller amount of electricity as well as water.
  5. Huge capacity to wash heavy clothes.
  6. Special features like children locks, warm water wash and sensor are available.