Water is the most important element for the human body as our body consists of 70% of water and in contemporary times expecting water to be consumable direct from taps is like a pine dream and that is why water needs to be purified before it is consumed. It is a method through which unwanted compounds as well as harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed, resulting in pure drinking water. These bacteria and viruses could not be seen through naked eyes so every glass of water will look same and household activity like boiling of water to make it pure is not enough as there are many other impurities present which could not be removed through just boiling. WHO has announced that 85% of the diseases are produced because of consumption of impure water and this could be avoided by simply purifying drinking water. Water Purifiers cleans water by blocking and destroying undesired viruses from water. It works in such a way that most of the time purifier added nutrients into it for making it more effective for drinking.


There are three types of water purifiers available, which are RO, UV and UF water purifier. Although water purification machines are available in different designs as well as volumes which not at all matters but there are some differences between RO, UV and UF purification technology which matters.


  • UF (Ultra Filtration)
  1.  Water purifier does not need electricity to work.
  2.  Take out all harmful bacteria and viruses but not salt from the water.
  3.  Operate on the force of tap water.
  4.  Operate function for soiled water.


  • UV (Ultra Violet)
  1. Need electricity.
  2. Destroy bacteria but their bodies stay in water as well as could not take out salt from water.
  3. Operate with the force of tap water.
  4. Need clear water to operate its function of cleaning further.


  • RO (Reverse Osmosis)
  1. Need electricity to work.
  2. Take out all harmful bacteria, viruses as well as salt from water but in the process approximately half of the water is wasted.
  3. Need current to raise force of tap water.
  4. Clean soiled water and also betters the taste.


Reverse Osmosis is a technique for water purification which provides various levels of purification through carbon as well as molecules purification. In this process.


  1. Tap water is allowed to flow via a very fine layer which has tiny holes, which take out dirt as well as bacteria and viruses from water.
  2. Then the dirty or infected water is thrown away via pipeline. It also makes water’s taste better.


So whatever purifier you choose one thing should be kept in mind that they need to be serviced after short intervals of around three months. The necessity to service this is that:


  1. Purifiers contains carbon, charcoal and many other compounds for purification process so some dirt easily catches in the holes of the purifier while particles stick to the top of the purifier compounds and that is how the top area of purifier filled with particles and does not have space to store more.
  2. Also sometimes the holes of the purifier are blocked because of impurities of water and as a result water does not purified as well as flow successfully.


Purifier containers are different from product to product, as the unregister container also look alike specially in volume as well as working process in fact a little distinguish in volume could lead water to flow in everywhere instead via it. Also, an unregistered purifier container is not of standard and the outcome of this could be water not being purified successfully as well as the water is not passable to the standards of water consumable norms.


Suggested water purifier service cycle:


  1. Pre-filter: Main aim is to bring out tiny pieces or molecules from water. This is like that of net which grabs the molecules of bigger size and not allowed to flow via pores. It needs to be changed after every 3 months of interval especially in the location of dirty water supply.
  2. Carbon pre- filter: Also known as carbon block. Its purpose is to decrease smell and bad taste from water by water dirt like chlorine pasting with carbon. This should be altered after the interval of 6 months to 12 months which would help in maintaining standard of water as well as condition and working of membrane.
  3. RO membrane: This system of purification changes hard to drinking water as well as many harmful bacteria and viruses from water. This needs to be changed when it stop throwing waste water, so it needed to be checked between the interval of 6 months to get the pure drinking water.
  4. Carbon post-filter: It needed to be altered within the intervals of six months before compromising with the standards of drinking water as well as health.


For living healthy life drink pure and clean water and for that you need to service your purifier within the time period.