Summer is the time when Sun provides you high temperature. The season with warm and dry climate, when 42*C to 45*C are normal temperatures at that time Air conditioner would help you in still living at temperature of 25*C. Air Conditioner which is more commonly named as AC. As per its name it works in improving the condition of air of your area. It is a procedure of changing the effects of air especially in respect with temperature as well as humidity into a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. In general way, it is an appliance which reduces the temperature of the air making the room or area cool. This cooling is attained via Refrigerator cycle. While occasionally through vaporization as well as free cooling methods cooling could be obtained.


There are three kinds of ACs available in the market, which are Window, Split and Centralized ACs, offering different services, which one has to choose according to the location’s demand.


Window AC


  1. Fix at open window.
  2. Used mainly for big homes and buildings.


Split AC


  1. Fix at wall.
  2. Has two different parts - one fixed inside the room for cooling and other at distant for throwing heat joined through a pipe.
  3. Could also be used in cold season as heater via electric strip or changing round of refrigerant runs.


Central AC


  1. Provide cooling to entire home.
  2. Mainly used at commercial places.
  3. Ability to control temperature at several areas.


If there is no problem in your AC, still you should get it serviced it one time in a year to confirm that it would work properly at the time when needed most.


The necessities to service your AC are:



  1. When AC works, it collects fine particles and pollution in the main part which infects and attacks its ability such as condensing coils and airflows etc, if not serviced it may result in affecting its working every year and it would not be able to cool your home as per its ability, if serviced and cleaned.
  2. Servicing your AC would lead to its smooth working for longer time and also helps in saving your money which might be needed to pay if any failure happens (PREVENTIONS ARE ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE). If small issues are not paid attention it would grow up and may result in more cost paying.


Your AC should be serviced minimum once a year.


Service cycle includes the following:


  1. Checking of motor and windbag.
  2. Checking of the refrigerant standards.
  3. Checking of refrigerant leakage.
  4. Checking as well as sealing of pipe leakage.
  5. Calculate the air via evaporator coil.
  6. Testing of controller as well as cooling and heating operators which should not be work at the same time.
  7. Testing the correctness of thermostat.
  8. Ensuring all connections.